Ogg::Logical::PageReader Class Reference
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Logical stream Page reader. More...

#include <Logical.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ~PageReader ()
 Stops reading this Logical stream.
Pageget ()
 Deques the next page.
PagedoGet ()
 Deques the next page.

Protected Member Functions

 PageReader ()

Detailed Description

Logical stream Page reader.

Do not derive from PageReader. It is designed for reading raw (un-decapsulated) pages either simultaneously with reading the decapsulated packets, or by themselves. This allows logical streams to be ripped and merged into Ogg streams without re-encapsulation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ogg::Logical::PageReader::PageReader (  )  [inline, protected]

Ogg::Logical::PageReader::~PageReader (  ) 

Stops reading this Logical stream.

The user may request a new pageReader after this.

Member Function Documentation

Page* Ogg::Logical::PageReader::get (  ) 

Deques the next page.

Null if none available. This call does not block. Any gotten page should be sunk by a PageWriter. Otherwise the page's memory will not be released. This may lead to exhaustion of available memory.

Page& Ogg::Logical::PageReader::doGet (  ) 

Deques the next page.

Blocks if none available.

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